A short clip on how the Sinterit Sandblaster works. This Sandblaster abrasive material used to clean, smooth and finish your SLS 3D printed parts in the Sinterit Sandblaster. Thanks to some compressed air and little glass balls (Abrasive Material) using Sandblaster you can penetrate all of the corners of your model and highlight every detail.v


This Sinterit Sandblaster is a specific device that is used for cleaning, polishing and finishing Sinterit printouts with dry abrasive material. It makes use of compressed air and small glasses to cover all of your design. It draws out every line and angle.

This Sinterit Sandblaster is equipped with HEPA filtering and complete sealing, ensuring an environment that is safe and clean following the processing of SLS powders. Its built-in pressure gauge offers total control over the work parameters, which results in an extreme accuracy even in the smallest of tiny aspects. The large work area (410 by 300 by 200 millimeters) allows the process to be simple and efficient.

The Sinterit Sandblaster can be described as a small and portable sandblasting machine that was designed to post-process 3D printed objects. It is made by Sinterit which is a Polish firm that specializes in desktop 3D printers and other accessories.

The Sandblaster is designed specifically to smooth and clean 3D printed objects made using SLS technology. It employs the use of a fine abrasive that includes the glass or aluminum oxide to blast the surface of the object to remove extra dust, rough edges and other flaws. The process also can create an appearance of matte to the outside of an object which gives it a polished and professional look.

The Sandblaster is very simple to operate and can be operated using only a few steps. The first step is to place your 3D created object in the sandblasting room, that is then sealed to stop any debris or dust from flying out. After that, the operator regulates the flow and pressure of the abrasive, in accordance with the dimensions and the complexity of the product. The sandblasting process begins and the object is then carefully blasted until it is at the desired finish.

Overall, this Sinterit Sandblaster is a great device for those working using SLS 3-D printing since it facilitates rapid and efficient post-processing of printed objects. The compact and portable design makes it simple to move and store making it the ideal option for small or even home-based businesses.

What's in the box?

  • Sandblaster
  • Abrasive Material 4kg
  • Cables and connectors
  • User manual

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The cost of the Sinterit Sandblaster begins at $540.00 This is an affordable cost considering its efficiency and its precision and compact dimensions.